How the idea behind Bear Claw Leather became something bigger

     My mission at Bear Claw Leather is pretty simple. I want to make things out of leather using the very best stuff I can get my hands on, and back every item with an awesome lifetime guarantee that would blow your socks off


Everything I design has longevity and versatility in mind as well as a timeless elegance to them. I want you to use your Bear Claw items at work and school as well as on your camping trips and your nights out with your friends. Because Bear Claw Leather is based out of Central Massachusetts, an area that ranges from big cities full of colleges and businesses to small farms and beautiful woodlands, all Bear Claw Leather items are going to be built to take a real beating and come back with a vengeance. Every scratch, scrape, rub, and bend will only make your leather item better and more unique. In 10 years, they will be beautiful memories for you to share.

Because Massachusetts in right in the middle of the Northeastern United States, we get some pretty crazy weather out here. From summer days in 100+ degrees with 100% humidity all the way to winter storms that take it down to a freezing -10 degrees, Bear Claw Leather goods are made to take it. The secret is not only in the design of the items, but in the process I use to make sure that your leather goods end up as an heirloom and not in the trash.

Behzad Bakhshandeh © Photo Flash Focus Photography

Behzad Bakhshandeh
© Photo Flash Focus Photography

I am proud to say that Bear Claw Leather is a sole proprietorship. I am proud that I make items that are American made and from American materials that are locally-sourced. Every item is made by my hands and I fall in love with every piece I make. I also get to know my customers and am allowed to see their love for my products firsthand, and that matters to me. Sure I get to make some cool things but the end of the day, it's the connections I make with my clients that make my products so special - and I think that matters.

Behzad Bakhshandeh
Owner - Bear Claw Leather